I am a multi-instrumentalist song writer who has been performing, composing, producing and directing musicals for more than 25 years.
Being the son of Argentine folk singer SUMA PAZ , I have been in contact with music since before birth, as Suma Paz continued performing throughout her pregnancy.

My initiation with music began at 9 years old, when I was given a harmonica for my birthday.  With this instrument, I performed in many festivals and concerts in which my mother also performed. 

When I was 12 years old I started my many years of guitar and piano studies at the Alberto Ginastera Conservatory of Music in Argentina.  I formed a duet with OSCAR CUSH , a secondary school friend.  The duet, called “Duo Bicicleta”, performed popular Argentine folk rock songs as well as their own. 

At 17, I initiated my informal studies of bass guitar and drums.  In the same year, I reunited with Oscar and we joined a band called New Generation (NG), in which I played bass guitar.  The band was led first by the current 
​composer and arranger JOSEPH CHAPARRO and later by singer HUGO GIOUXS.  The other members of the band were current economist DANIEL CHALUPOWICS and ex Yaria Brothers’ drummer NANDO LOPEZ. 

When I turned 21 I moved to the USA.  There, I participated in many musical projects with various artists, such as IRENE WEISS, PENNY FRAMSTAD, ALEX WALSH , JOHN CHAPMAN, BIG BLACK STUFF, and INSOMNIO, these last two bands also formed by RIG VALENTIN, CHRIS CAPPETO, JEREMY OLSEN and KEVIN KUBOTA. 

During the same period of time, I began my teaching career, studying at Cabrillo College in California, with the primary focus on Drama.  Then I got my first job at Whitney Young Child Development Centre and at Dr. Charles R. Drew Elementary School in San Francisco as a teacher’s assistant/concert organiser.  Five years later I moved to LA and took a kindergarten teacher/music teacher/director of musicals job at Hollywood Schoolhouse.  It was in this school that I started to acquire more professional experience producing, arranging, writing and directing musicals.

In October 2004 I moved back to Argentina and began to work at St. Paul’s College, a bilingual private school in Hurlingham, Buenos Aires.  There I taught music, singing and drama, and wrote, produced and directed many musicals.  After many years of preparation, I wrote and filmed a full length movie featuring my secondary school students.   The title of the film is “Nothing to do with Luck”.

During my years living in Argentina, I occasionally accompanied my mother on guitar in festivals, radio and TV.  During the months of October and November 2008 I got the honour and privilege to play guitar in Suma Paz’s CD “Parte de mi alma”, produced by MELOPEA records.

In 2011 I co-founded a band called “Insomnia” along with MAXI CURTI, PABLO SÁNCHEZ BARRACO, MARTÍN LA ROSA, TAMMY FREI and GERMÁN STRICKER.  The band performed in many places and recorded a CD with six songs. 

From June to September 2017, I participated as a guest musician in several bands in Argentina, including Viral Funk and Soul, Summertime, and in two special presentations by Insomnia.

In October 2017 I moved to Eye, Suffolk, United Kingdom, with the purpose of expanding my studies and experience as a director of musicals, music teacher and performer.   

In January 2018 I joined an Ipswich based band called "The Seventh House", a professional working cover band formed with excellent musicians. 

In 2018 I started to offer my services as a camera operator and cinematographer, using top of the line professional cameras and editing software.  

Currently I work and volunteer in several community organisations and institutions:

I run and coordinate a Drama Club featuring the students from years 3, 4, 5 and 6.  In March 2018 we presented "The Sound of Music".  Next year, in March 2019, we will present "The Jungle Book". 
I work and volunteer as a sound and lighting engineer during the shows that take place at this art and community venue/café.  I  also help in the IT department keeping the venue's website updated.  I also provide my services as a private music teacher. 

I regularly participate as an actor and keyboard player in this theatre group.   

Occasionally I play children’s songs for the toddlers in this play group.

Below is a list of some of the musicals written and directed by me:

The Isle of Perfectimundo
Through The Years
A Scrambled Tale *
King Leopold the Magnificent
The Pharaoh’s Gem and the Quest of Munkantangara
Cornelius in the Sea of Galilee
Dancing Queen
Nothing to do With Luck (film)

*co-written with Ray Garza

Below is a list of some of the famous musicals that I have produced and directed:

Prince Ali (an adaptation of Aladdin)
The Wizard of Oz
It’s a Hard Knock Life (an adaptation of Annie)
The Sound of Music
The Addams Family
Glee (an adaptation of the TV series)
Mamma Mia!
Mary Poppins
Famous (an adaptation of Fame)

I have also directed the cast singing of the following plays:  Isadora Social Club, Moulin Rouge, Coyote Ugly and We Will Rock You.  For this last play I formed, directed and performed in a band to perform the plays' soundtracks in each presentation.